From the Lookup Tables
prescribed in the 2008 Regulations*
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  Post-1989 Carbon Lookup Tables
    The Tables set out in the 2008 Regulations are in need of updating as part of the introduction of Long term averaging for post-1989 forests. In the meantime they remain a useful tool for modelling purposes. We have ontroduced the ability to define a variation from the tables in the range of minus 50% and plus 100%.  
  Carbon sequestration as per the Lookup Tables    
  Carbon claims      
Note: The NI, SI and NZ Pinus averages are weighted by area planted.
    Start age
This is either the start period ( ie year 1) or the year of the last carbon claim.
End age
This is the age of the trees for which this claim is being prepared.
    Analysis of harvest emissions profile      
    Harvest age:-  
    Claims have to made to age:-  
    Immediate credits to surrender =    
    and over the following ten years    
    Previous claim (if any)  
The ages range is 9 to 50 years excepting for Exotic hardwoods where the maximum age is 25 years.

  Consideration of Long term averaging bands
    Proposed default            
       Rotation      yrs    
       Max claim  yrs    
    Actual harvest  
      Deemed harvest year  
      Band span (0-8 years)  
      1st year of band (out to 50)  
       Basic of age calculation
       Default claim  
       Allowable claim - Banding  
       Allowable claim - No bands  
    Impact of banding  
    Carbon price assumption $  /mt'    
    Default vs